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In the year of 2022

Just some days ago I saw a video of Linus Tech Tips about battery-draining standby modes of Windows laptops (and sometimes MacBooks).

Now I came across Sleep Aid (via Michael Tsai), a macOS tool to diagnose and solve standby aka. sleeping issues on Macs. From the blog post Hot Bag MacBook about it:

Have you ever travelled somewhere to find that your MacBook is nice and warm, with next to no battery left? If so, these are the common causes of a “Hot Bag MacBook” that we’ve found so far.

This could be handy.

This post is # 002 of 100 Days To Offload.

100 Days To Offload:

The whole point of #100DaysToOffload is to challenge you to publish 100 posts on your personal blog in a year.

Posts don’t need to be long-form, deep, meaningful, or even that well written. If there are spelling and grammar mistakes, or even if there’s no real point to the post, so what? What’s important is that you’re writing about the things you want to write about.

Your posts could be how-to guides, or links to another post you have found interesting. They could include your own thoughts about that post, or a response to it. It could be a simple update about what you have done that day. Tell us about your dog, your cat, your fish tank, or whatever hobbies you have. Someone will find it interesting.

Just. Write.

A few days ago I stumbled upon this: Writing 100 blog posts on my blog in 365 days—can’t be that hard, right?! Challenge accepted.

This post is # 001 of 100 Days To Offload.

Screenshot of the intersection of two Instagram story ads: the first is for Adobe Creative Cloud, the second for Affinity 2.0

The ad targeting of Instagram is on point again.

Cover von Adobe Flash CS5: Das umfassende Handbuch

Geöffneter Buchrücken mit DVD von Adobe Flash CS5: Das umfassende Handbuch

Verschenke mein Fachbuch Adobe Flash CS5: Das umfassende Handbuch aus dem Verlag Galileo Design (heute: Rheinwerk-Verlag) von 2010, inkl. DVD. Ohne Mängel, nur der Buchumschlag hat Gebrauchsspuren.

Ich kaufte es mir Ende 2011 für die Vorbereitung meiner Kurse für angehende Online-Redakteure, die etwas über Flash lernen sollten – heute taugt es nur noch für das moderne Antiquariat.

Das Buch kann sehr gerne bei mir in Wuppertal abgeholt werden. Versand ist auch möglich, wenn die Versandkosten in Höhe von 6,99 € (Paket bis 5 kg) übernommen werden. Anschreiben!

Bibliographische Informationen: Nick Weschkalnies & Sven Gasser: Adobe Flash CS5: Das umfassende Handbuch. Galileo Design, Bonn, 2010. ISBN-13: 978-383621-564-0. DNB: #1001391713.

Auch online bei: ebay, ebay Kleinanzeigen, nebenan.de

Update 11.12.2022: Das Buch hat ein:e neue:n Besitzer:in gefunden.

A lot has changed over the last decade on the web—and so has WordPress: WordPress has started as a simple blogging tool and has grown into a widely used CMS with a simple interface for (new) users and a huge ecosystem of extensions, themes and developers. That’s great—and a reason why I still use it for other projects and at work—but WordPress has outgrown my needs for a simple blogging tool that I want for my blog. And now, with WordPress 6.0 around the corner, it’s time to switch to ClassicPress. ClassicPress is a fork of WordPress 4.9—or: the pre-Gutenberg era—and so exactly what I want my blogging tool to be: simple.