In the year of 2022

Thomas über die Verhüllung des Arc de triomphe de l’Étoile durch Christo und Jeanne-Claude: Von zeitgenössischer Kunst, zur Aufklärung und zurück zu uns: Freiheit, Gleichheit, Brüderlichkeit:

Und im selben Moment, wie wir die Verpackung, die Einhüllung, die Verhüllung sehen, vermuten oder erinnern wie das Objekt, den Ort, seine Bedeutung. Uns wird mit ein wenig Selbstreflektion klar, was uns das nicht sichtbare Objekt bedeutet, woran wir uns erinnern.

Line Goes Up: The Problem With NFTs by Folding Ideas.

Nearly everything that is faulty with blockchains, cryptocurrencies, smart contracts, NFTs, and the dweb/web3.

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Rediscovered today: Displays the weather report of your current location nicely in the terminal via:


There are a lot more options available—see the README on GitHub—, e.g. the moon phase:


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Screenshot of Spirit Of The North

Spirit Of The North—great game, great soundtrack.

Jacob Sutton, co-creator of the game, about the game:

The folklore that inspired Spirit of the North is based on the Finnish legend of “Tulikettu.” According to the legend when the “Fire Fox” runs over the snowy hills its tail fur brushes up against stones creating sparks. These embers of light ascend into the skies and form the Northern Lights. The Finnish word for Northern Lights is revontulet which means fox’s fires.